Can someones curl pattern change ?

I think my curl pattern has changed. From as long as I remember my curl pattern was a 3C before i relaxed my hair. The last time I relaxed my hair was december 14'. I really want my curly hair back and I believe my hair is now damaged .. But Im just not ready for the BC. Help ? Btw what would you say my curl pattern is now ? (In 3 of the pics my hair is air dried)

2 Answers

Hello!!! My pattern is changing too.I was a 3b and a month ago I started the curly girl method. At first my curls were super bouncy and tight but now they look kind of a 3a and I don´t want to loose my curls :S I don´t know what´s wrong, I supose they need moisture :(
You can definitely see some curls coming through. If that's your hair while it's dry ( on 3 pictures as you said) then you do have some straight parts possibly damaged from relaxing. BC is an option but you could also trim it about every 6-8 weeks to get rid of the damaged hair.