Where to start when you have to multiple hair types?

My hair is maybe a 2A on top. Underneath I can get 3A here and there and 2C/2B for the rest. I am trying to get it all to look 3A and I am not sure if that is possible. However, I could be completely off on these hair types as I don't know anything about hair.I took a couple pictures and its hard to see because 1) poor lighting, 2) poor camera 3) poor photography skills. I tried to take a picture of the underneath because on top you can't see anything past 2A (I think).This is my natural color, there have been no permanent dye jobs in years. I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years now, only getting trims here and there. I do sometimes straighten my hair when the frizz is unruly and if the top of my hair will not make any attempts to at least give me a bit of a wave. I don't really use to many products. I have been using Sebastian Penetraitt as my shampoo and conditioner for a while now because it has helped me manage frizz more than anything else I have used so far. I have tried different types of s&c for years now and I haven't found anything that I have wanted to stick with besides Sebastian Penetraitt. I think it has actually helped my hair curl more. As for leave in products I mostly use serums for smoothing to reduce the dry frizzy look that the top of my hair has. I tried finding this question already answered on here, but all I could find was that children have this problem and they grow out of it. I'm 24, my hair has always had a curl/wave of some kind from 2A to 3B. I want to know if my hair has a chance in hell to look decent and what steps I can take to see what I can get out of my hair.

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