Straight curls!

Looking for opinions on hair type and curious if anyone out there has a similar pattern. My curls seems to change so much with different product use/curl technique.  I have fine, very thin, high porosity hair that straightens decently easy with a blow dryer and round brush. The circumference of my pony is small and not much shine ever. When I curl my hair after showering my curls are very flat and just blah, the next morning I drench them with a water bottle/more product and re scrunch and BAM, they come alive. A diffuser usually helps.  I can't understand it. I do the CG method, balance moisture and protein treatments often.  My curls can't make up their mind what they want to do! My hair is to my bra strap but despite correct product use and thin fine hair, the ends still seem weighed down and straight! 1st photo is regular slept in hair (no brush, no product) 3rd photo is natural but brushed through (no product), 2nd and 3rd are styled with product and diffuser.  What is my hair type?  Why aren't my ends so heavy and not wanting to curl? Why am I getting better curls the following morning when I spray with water and reapply products? Thanks!

2 Answers

you look like you have a similar hair pattern to me and I also have high porosity hair. The only thing I can think of is damage? My hair was very dead and I was having the same issue with my ends not curling so I cut 4 or 5 inches off about a year ago and now I never apply heat to it except once in a while for special occasions and I haven't had that issue again. Maybe you just need to get rid of your dead ends? I've noticed anytime my hair gets frizzy or tangles easy I am usually due for a trim! Also, I would guess your a 3ab?? I just recently tried the squish and condish method that I found on this website and it has definitely helped with my curl definition / pattern . I would give that a try! I'll try to post the link in the comments  
the first picture is the only one I have that I've taken since I started this "squish & condish" so I'm sorry I don't have a better picture to kinda showcase what I'm talking about but hopefully you can tell the difference in my hair  the other two pictures are just throwing some moisturizer in and letting it dry naturally out of the shower  as you can definitely see in those pictures I have a lot more frizz going on ! I hope this helped!