Can straight hair become curly over time?

Hello, so I actually have two questions. I was born with very very curly hair and it stayed curly for the first few years but then suddenly became very straight. My hair was always super super straight after that. Im 18 now and for the past few months my hair has been getting wavy. Its a lot more wavy at the back of my head and gets less wavy towards my face. Is it possible that my hair is going back to curly? I perosnally hated my straight hair a lot so I'm enjoying the waves but they're very subtle. What can i do to make my waves look wavier and less frizzy? 

2 Answers

Yes, your hair could be going back go curly. If your hair is frizzy, there are a lot of reasons why that could be. You're gonna want to just browse around on this site for a while :)
Definitely! My hair was curly when I was little, and it was straight for about five years, and it's been curly ever since for me!