Straight hair on top, spirals on end?? Im confused about my hair type, please help me

I used to have very curly hair, but it's getting straighter. Now I don't know what type i am anymore:/P. S. My hair sometimes formes many spirals at the end and sometimes none, any idea why?

3 Answers

maybe you need a haircut , and stop using sulfates
I've had the same lenght (or longer) for years, and it used to be much curlier (photo is 5 years old). That's the reason i started following curly gilr metod few months ago, but it doesn't help.. I'm scared that if I get layers they wont curl up and I'l have wierd straight top hair
ok so try detoxing your hair with aztec healing clay mask , it will make your curls more defined and healthier , or just detox with apple cider vinegar once a week and see how it goes