Straight at the roots, curly ends?

My hair is the complete opposite of many curly girls on here, it's straight at the roots and curly on the ends. I recently cut my hair to see if it was just the weight, but it still is the same, except my hair feels a lot healthier now, which is exciting. This may be just my hair texture, but do you guys have any tips on getting more curl? I put attached some before and after pics, I have really loose waves, but would like some more definition.side note: ignore my ugly polo in the first pic lmao it's my school uniform

2 Answers

I used to get really annoyed with this too! Try not to comb straight down after showering (if you do), either do it upside down or use your fingers, then scrunch all the way up w/ fingers then t-shirt. Plopping/pineappling would probably work really well too at your length. I've heard using clips at the crown area really helps too but idk, never tried it! Honestly the combing thing helped the most for me
I have the exact same hair type! I usually put it in pigtails and twirl them and let it air dry. In the morning I put keratin oil and sea salt spray. This helps make your hair curlier, more voluminous, and less frizzy. I also recommend brushing it at night (or when it's wet) and just combing through with you fingers in the morning!!