How to style/ what to use after wash for type 2b (3b underneath)?

Hi there! I am a twenty two year old female with type 2B hair, although my hair is 3b underneath. My goal is to make my 2b hair on top more like my 3b hair underneath. It is thin compared to when I was younger (still researching this :/) and fine (doesnt get frizzy or  poofy) but does have volume at the top of my head. it just seems weighed down throughout the length.I am new to this whole hair care thing, as I never really styled my hair or used many products..but I recently noticed a desire to make my curls more defined and less wavy on top due to a recent hair cut.Is there any way to activate these waves into curls on the top? A towel method i should use or product i can use; rollers, turbie twist, etc? currently i just scrunch with my fingers, apply argan oil on scalp/ends, let my hair air dry and then go to sleep with it in a pony tail.I truly appreciate if you have read all of this and look forward to reading your replies :)

1 Answer

Hello! From what I understand getting a good hair cut with layers is key, but it sounds like you may have combination hair. I do too. Some days I get more curls on top and some days I don't. I have heard others say diffuse it upside down or apply clips on top as it dries. What seems to work best for me is to squish my products in for two minutes each, plop for 20 minutes in a t-shirt and then diffuse slightly on top and leave it alone to dry the rest of the way. Hope this helps.