Not sure what my hair type is.

I took the hair type quiz, but I'm still unsure about what my type is. On shampoo days, after combing it out while it's damp, and allowing it to air dry, I'm a 2A. On non-shampoo days, or when it's excessively humid out (think thunderstorm weather, or just REALLY humid), my hair is more like 2B. Am I doing something wrong on shampoo days? Doing something right on non-shampoo days?? So confused!

1 Answer

Hi Cricket4! Don't worry about whether you're doing something wrong or right. Your hair type is your hair type, and more often than not, we have multiple hair types on our head. I have 2b hair, but on really humid days I am a 2c. Go figure! It sounds like your hair smoothes out when you comb it, resulting in 2a waves. If you want a curlier look, finger detangle your hair in the shower and don't comb it. If you prefer the 2a look, then comb it out and apply a light leave-in that will moisturize your hair and prevent it from frizzing or curling further. Good luck!