Can someone please tell me my hair type?

I have been told I have 4b hair but my hair doesn't zigzag it's more like an "s" but it feels coarse and thick just like 4b hair but the pattern is different when I wash my hair it's REALLY curly but once it's dry it's very poofy and frizzy and less curl definion so I don't know... when I moisturize it,it gets curly again but not as much than it is when it's wet so yeah it would be nice to know my hair texture thanks in advance and by the way my name is Hannah the first picture is soaking wet hair with just water and the second is absolutely dry and clean and was air dried.The reason I ask for my hair type is that my hair doesn't look like other 4b hair and it doesn't look like other people's 4a hair 4a hair is usually shiny and well defined and mine loses most of the definition as it air dries so yeah...

1 Answer

I would still say 4b