Could anyone tell me the type of curl I have? The pic id airdryed, only with a bit of mousse.

hair in the pic is airdryed and no styling apart from a bit with my hands when applyibg the mousse.

1 Answer

It looks like a mix of 2a-b on top where it is dryer and colored and maybe more 2c underneath (hard to tell- but it looks tighter underneath). If you switch a Curly Girl friendly routine it can really bring out your curls! I am 2b and now approaching 3a w/ my top dryest layers being my loosest as well! If you aren't familiar with CG method just google it, look it up on here or on Pinterest. I'm a convert!! However in caring for your curls knowing your hair porosity is more important than your curl pattern and then also your climate. Those two play a bigger part in what products you should use.