The Obligatory Hair Typing Question (I have no flippin' idea...)

My hair is the frizz master, but I have coils in the midst of the frizz. I'm sure I have more than one texture. The middle of my head is dense with tiny springs. The back is less dense with limper springs. My sides are aaaaall fluff (with one or two tiny springs camping out). I know I'm a 4 SOMETHING (like 4z, heehee). Pics below.

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Good morning AFROdeeZeeAck,Have you taken our hair type quiz that can be found at this link --> ? I would suggest that you focus on porosity and width, as the curl pattern does not have the greatest influence on how you care for your hair although it may affect how you style it. Let me know how the quiz goes!Amanda
Sounds a lot like my hair :) Sounds like 4B-4C: descriptions may not perfectly apply, but for the most part could be a helpful starting point. For example my hair has no Z's in it's pattern and the shed strands that fall out make tiny perfect O's that stretch out to the size of a pen spring. Also, if I don't comb my hair when I apply a conditioner and don't comb it during or after rinsing, my tiny little coils like the ones that show up mostly only in the top/middle of my head, WILL actually start to get DEFINED all over (still with some puffiness/frizz, but more defined than if I had used a comb at any point in the process).I hope that made sense and I hope it helps :)
it looks like  4c
Your hair is so cute and that pic is adorable!