The Obligatory "What type is my hair" question

Hi! So I just started the curly girl method a couple of days ago! After years of not exactly taking the greatest care of my hair, I've started to look more and more into better haircare before finally starting the CGM.I was wondering what hair type I have.  It's pretty straight/wavy at the top, but the curls on the bottom range from 2C curls to 3B curls.  Any input? c:

5 Answers

Lol it's hard to tell. Definitely wavy, I'm thinking 2c. 
You may have two or three types. Mine is a mixture of 2c, 3A and 3B.
I think your hair is right in between 2C and 3A. You should definitely check out leahallyannah. She is a youtuber with similar hair to yours and actually kinda looks like you!
Wow you have really thick beautiful hair! Right now you look like 2c/3a hair but your hair could curl up more like mine did after using the CGM for a while. 
it looks like it could be 2c/3a