Thick To Fine Back To Thick?

when I Was Younger People Used To Rave About How Thick And Beautiful My Hair Was , But I Of Course Never Saw It That Way So Then Came A Perm . After I Grew My Perm Out , I Noticed My Hair Didn't Have That Thick , Coarse Texture That I Now Love And It's Thin , Fine , Stringy , And Very Fragile . Is There A Way To Get It Back ?? I Have 4b,4c Hair By The Way :) 

1 Answer

Hello! I've recently cut off my perm ends and I think the best way to thicken your hair is JBCO, moisturizing(leave in conditioner), and protective styling. You can wear your hair natural or wear braids/twists/extensions.Since you said your hair used to be thick, you should be able to thicken it back up. Good luck! :)