Any tips for curlies who have 2 really different hair types?

The top is really curly (3b) and the bottom very loose so sometimes it kinda looks like the hair of a homeless person lol! Although they're the same lenght, the top has a lot of shrinkage and the bottom gets flat. Help!

2 Answers

I do have 3 different hair types (3a,3b,3c) mostly 3b it's weird but i love it , and hair Types don't really matter as long as you know your porosity you're good , and are you sure you don't have heat damage ? Because sometimes the bottom gets looser or completely straight if you have heat damage , if you don't then you cant really change your hair texture , your hair will do whatever it likes 
More than likely, your hair naturally grows like this. However, you could try a protein treatment to see if the front just needs a little strength. Or it could be damaged as Dalal stated, check your roots and hair that is growing in. Is it curly like the top? If your roots are the 3B texture but the ends are wavy/loose, your hair may be damaged. If not, it's probably natural.You could always try styles that manipulate your textures. Like braid outs, rod sets, or twistouts to get the textures to match. You could also try some defining products.