Tips for low/med porosity, coarse hair?

For the past year or 2, I've used more or less the same hair routine with good results. I've been following it ever since I decided to repair my curls after years of relaxers/Keratin treatments. Lately though I've had problems with my hair texture being relatively lifeless/frizzy and holding a lot of build-up. I determined by hair type this week and discovered that my hair may have been high porosity after damaging it, but has now reverted back to low(er) porosity. I'm trying to adjust my hair routine accordingly. Does anyone have tips for low/med porosity, coarse, dense, and 3A/3B hair?It can be frustrating because on the one hand, I'm now more aware than ever that I need to avoid build-up, while on the other hand, my hair is so coarse that I feel like it needs thicker products for better hold. Last night I clarified my hair with African black soap (diluted), then used Oyin's Honey Hemp as a RO before experimenting with a different styling line-up than normal. Today my hair is uber clean, and curls are well-defined and soft (albeit a tad oily from styling)... I'd be happy except that they're also way frizzier than normal, which could be due to a number of things...Mainly right now I'd like to figure out how to incorporate more heat/steam into my routine without getting too crazy. I'm also thinking about alternating clarifying/deep conditioning weeks with co-washing, but I dunno if that's a good idea or not.So, like I mentioned, tips would be appreciated! I'd like to know the product regimens you guys follow if you've got similar hair textures; how you prevent build-up, how you moisturize, etc. Does anyone co-wash? And how many of you use steamers to DC or hot oil treatments? Thanks! 

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