Twisting and Twistouts for 2c/3a?

I have Caucasian curls ranging from 2c to 3a. I tried 'twisting' small sections of my hair when it was wet but it just left my kind of limp and straight at the top. Also, I don't really use product in my hair because there is not a lot of CG approved products in my area and shipping costs from almost all websites is practically double the price of the actual product.Does it just not work with looser curl patterns or should I use a specific product for it or is there a different technique for looser curl pattern? Please help! Thanks.Xx

3 Answers

I have the same hair type as you do and we have it a little easier. After getting hair just wet enough to smooth it out after sleeping, blot it with a tee shirt by scrunching, add a conditioning mousse to roots with hair upside down, then smooth out the rest of the hair with a light gel and scrunch with your hands, then either air dry or diffuse with low heat until almost dry, then let air dry and you should have volume and nice curls the whole day. Our hair type doesn't do so well with twist outs because it's not as springy as a type 4 hair, and it's a little more delicate and can go limp with heavy oils and product buildup. I do this routine every other day and get great results, just find product with mostly natural ingredients and stay away from the damaging ingredients you might be surprised with the Suave, Treseme, Dove, and Pantene products. 
Agreed with the last comment.If you are not sure how to scrunch, here's an easy step-by-step tutorial for your hair type:
There is a way for looser curl patterns to achieve more volume/curl with twists. Check this out: hope that helps!