Type 2c or 3a?! Lots of questions!

I can't tell if I have type 2c or 3a.    Linked below is some pictures of my hair.  The bottom half of my head is very curly with s curls but the top half seems more wavy.  I'm not sure if thats because I wear my hair in a ponytail nearly everyday or what.  I'm new to the natural curly world in the getting the most out of your curls sense.  I wear my hair curly nearly every time I actually do it.  Like I said above, I wear my hair in a ponytail nearly everyday.  The main reason being is I hate doing my hair everyday.  If I do it straight, it take 30 minutes to straighten.  I rarely straighten anymore.  If I do it curly, the only way that I've found that works for me is if I spray it with hair stray while dripping wet and sit there with a towel and "scrunch" it until it dries which takes at least half an hour.  The problem with wearing it curly is the next day.  Its so messy and all over the place that 80% of the time I need to shower and start over.  Sometimes its fixable with lots of water and carefully combing only certain areas.  I want to  be able to get more out of my curls, have better definition and be able to get up the next morning and not have a rats nest on my head.Based on what I've read on here, its seems that I have medium porosity, medium to high density, and coarse to medium texture.  I'm looking for recommendations on a good product to bring out the curls more on the top of my head and a product to hold the curl.  I'm also looking for solutions to the rats nest after sleeping problem!  Any help would be greatly appreciated! https://www.pinterest.com/alexbader/my-hair/

1 Answer

Check out the Curl Girl Method on YouTube. It will help you get the right info about your hair type and what to do and not do to help your situation. It's made a huge difference for me. You need more moisture and not hair spray as your main styling product. You will be amazing at the the things you'll learn. Try SunKissAlba and RockynCurls videos as a start.