Is my type 4 hair a, b, or c?

I know I'm type 4 because my hair is kinky, but I don't know what subtype it is (a, b, c). My hair is normal to low porosity, and when stretched it makes an s shape when it's damp w/ leave in and oil and no other products. When it dries it gets frizzy so I don't know....The pictures with flash is when the hair is damp w/leave in and oil.The rest are when the hair gets semi dry.I'm transitioning so I still have relaxed ends.

2 Answers

4b hair. It's already quite kinky now with relaxed ends. However this may change once you BC it! It may end up looking like a 4c or 4a!
I agree that it seems like a 4b, closer to a 4a than a 4c. This may all change when you cut off your relaxed ends though!