What type of curly hair do I have?

I mean I know it's curly. But what type of curls do I have? (3a,4a,etc) My hair is so weird. I mean, I feel like my hair is a mixture of different types of curls and colors. Once I know what type of curls I have, then I can be more cautious of how to care for them. Right now I use a leave-in conditioner and a moisturizing gel, and it works great. Any help would be much appreciated! I attached two pictures below.http://i57.tinypic.com/1j3fo6.jpg[/IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/1zpmg5z.jpg[/IMG]

3 Answers

I would say you have 3b curls with some waves! That's cool!Enjoy!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old
Hmm...how far apart were those pictures taken? Any significant "hair events"  between the two (e.g., chemical treatments, colorings, etc.) I ask because from the first pic I would say your hair is DEFINITELY CURLIER than 3b (although I can't say whether 3c, 4a, etc....I am only really familiar with type 3a and 3b hair because I have both types on my head). However, the second pic is much trickier!!!! I see type 2 strands mixed in with very curly strands (at least 3c). 
it looks lik 2c/3a to me