What is type is my hair

I've spent so much time trynna figure out every aspect of my hair and take care of it accordingly. But no matter what i do, my hair doesn't respond as good. When my hair used to be short, it was curly and looked nice with just plain gel, but felt drying over time. So i always wore pony tails or left it down looking a hot mess with nothing in it (sometimes had naturally good hair days). I've tried a couple leave-ins, but my hair always feels dry and/or slightly crunchy feeling. Tried some oils with it, but makes my hair stringy. Couple products worked AMAZING together, but had sulfates/silicone, so i returned them. I dont think protein makes my hair any better; tried hair strand in water test, and it floated whole time so low porosity? My crown is always super frizzy no matter what i do as well. Dont have a diffuser and tried "plopping" and drying with cotton shirts.....doesn't work for me. What am i doing wrong?

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