What type of hair do I have? 4..a?..b? Help!

I relax my hair but only once a year.. It's been a year and a half (almost) now and my new growth is CRAZY, but my new hair has a curl pattern that I didn't even know my hair could make. I thought my curl pattern was way tighter but, turns out it isn't, help? What hair type is this? And any hair care tips? (Besides deep conditioning, oils, and all the basics)

2 Answers

sometimes it's difficult to accurately identify the curl patter and texture when there's still processed ends attached because they weight down the new growth making curls appear looser. However, thinking back to my own experience it looks like it would be a 4a once it's not attached to the old hair. One thing I would recommend learning about if you don't already know about it is porosity. Porosity, in reality, is the real determining factor for perfect product choice. If you have high porosity, which happens with use of chemicals such as intense coloring, requires heavier products to keep moisture. Low to normal porosity can work well with lighter products. It's complex but worth understanding. 
I would say a 3c, just because of the way the hair clumps.