What type of hair am i?

i am really not sure what hair i am, if anyone could help id appreciate it. Also what products or technique could i use to stop the top layer of my hair from going really frizzy and straight? i'd like my hair to be as it was a couple years ago (the last picture in the list) or just less frizzy

1 Answer

I would say you have mostly 3b hair with a little bit of 3a. This is what I do to prevent frizz: 1. Don't touch your hair while it's drying, that causes frizz 2.Use a leave in conditioner (I use Cantu shea butter leave-in cream) 3. Deep condition your hair weekly with a mask or deep conditioner 4. Argan oil works miracles for my frizz and 5. You can also use a light weight mouse 6. Try the L.O.C method (liquid/leave-in, oil, cream) I use water or a liquidy leave-in as the L but sometimes my shea butter if my hair is dry, argan oil as the O, and my shea butter or a curl defining cream for the C (try miss jessie's or shea moisture). Hope this helps!