What type of hair do I have and what are the best products?

Hi All!You must get so many questions about which hair type someone is, so sorry in advance! The photo is of my hair mostly air dry, it just goes frizzy on top after this and gains a lot of volume, I don't have many full head photos! The other is of me and my sister after I had it cut and styled by a professional. I would like to know what type my hair is but also how to tell porosity? I air dry my hair and use Aussie hair styling mousse but am also looking to try a leave in conditioner, not sure where to go with that as those I've tried before have left my hair very sticky! I would like to try and increase definition on the top layer of my hair as this tends to go frizzy and the underneath is usually lovely ringlets! Thanks in advance for help and suggestions!

1 Answer

2a/b hairtype! Super pretty!