What type of hair do I have??? I need help please!

Im new here so forgive me if I go all over the place I feel like I need tons of help. Ive been trying to figure out what type of curly hair I have so I cant style and treat it appropriately but im having a really tough time with it. The picture i attached is just the best picture i have of the curl pattern xD I dont wash it everyday, and I only shampoo about once a week if that much. I use a leave in conditioner everytime my hair gets washed or is in the shower and gets wet and an oil when its dry on the regular but I cant seem to find anywhere that I can find a way to tell for me what type of curl I have or how to style it. If you need a front face shot just let me know. Thank you!(also my hair is fine even though my curls give it volume so idk if thats gonna play a factor in it either; i would love all the advise I can get!)

1 Answer

I think you are probably a 2c/3a. But that is not as important as your hair porosity. Does a single hair float or sink in a glass of water if left for a few hours? If it sinks you have high porosity if it floats you are low porosity and the way your hair responds to products is different. Look into that. It will be a help and get you on your way to learning more about what you should be doing for styling. Also, look up The Polished Curl on YouTube that might help.