Undamaged, naturally half straight half curly hair? HELP!

My hair is undamaged- I never blow dry, curl or straighten it, I use sulphate free shampoo and don't live in a hot/sunny place. I had poker straight hair until I became a teenager, when it all became super curly. I am now 20 and the bottom layer is entirely straight and the top layer very curly. I have no idea why this is or how to look after it! Has anyone had a similar experience or know what can I do about it? Could it be going straight again? Both pictures are completely natural without the use of heat/tools, just one shows the under layer and the other the top layer.

1 Answer

I too had the same change after puberty, and I have the same problem. In my experience hair has the tendency to change texture if not treated right. For a time I had the bottom layer straight right after I finished transitioning from when I got it permanently straighten; a stylist told me to cut it in layers so in that way I would have the bottom and longer part straight while the upper one would be curly and it would look good. The curious thing was that with the layers it started curling. Now the middle section of the right side is not curling; I'm applying lots of conditioning treatments at it has improved a lot. My recommendation is to remember that your hair can get dry and damage even if you don't apply hard chemicals or heat, so you need to condition it frequently, specially in winter or dry climates. And get a haircut that works for you, sometimes when they cut it they do things you haven't asked or don't know, like debulking or cutting it as straight hair, and this makes your hair to rebel and not curl up and loose definition. Another that worked for me was to apply styling cream regularly, scrunch and then those straight parts, I would twisted them using either my finger or a round soft brush, let it dry and then let loose with your fingers.