Undefined curls after detangling

After I detangle my curls they look undefined. My hair always dries frizzy and my curls are gone. 

2 Answers

Hi! I am 2b , but I have tangled prone hair. My hair also dries quickly. So I detangle as soon as I get out of the shower. Sometime I have to re - wet my hair with a spray water bottle. The helps the curls to clump back up. Then I apply my product using praying hands method. Then I finger twist my curls and air dry. Try not  separate the curls until theyre mostly dry.Hope this helps. Good luck
I have to detangle in the shower with conditioner. Detangling makes my curls "un-clump" so it just looks frizzy and undefined. But if you detangle in the shower, when you rinse out your conditioner your curls will re-clump and be more defined. An alternative is to use a denman brush as for many people that helps clump their curls (I don't like using it though because I feel like it's pulling out my hair)