Unsure about hair type 2b/2c possibly?

I've had straight hair all my childhood, however once I hit my teen years I notice it started to turn more wavy.  It's not a complete mystery though considering my mom has straight hair, but my dad has curly hair.  Now at age 23 I've decided I want to start embracing my natural texture and bring out my hair's full potential!   I've been doing a lot of research (watching videos about the CG method and reading articles) and decided it would be helpful to join this site.  So, I took the quiz and it told me I was a 2b, but I just wanted to get other reader's opinions, it would be very helpful :) I've attached a photo below trying my best to show all parts of my hair, underneath tends to have more defined, almost soft ringlet curls, but they are very few and the rest is just s shaped waves.  My hair also falls on the fine/thin side.

5 Answers

Looks like a 2a to me, maybe 2b!
I'd also say 2a :)
In my opinion, you look like you currently have a combination of all the Type 2 hair.  Good luck and be patient, it took a good 3 months before I saw my true texture.  The right products help too!  I have 4 pictures I uploaded; after 8 months of natural texture and no more straightening, not the right product.  December 2014 prior to a Deva cut, I had been trimming my own hair because I couldn't afford nor find a stylist that could cut wavy/curly hair, the right products are used.  The bottom two are recent and my hair is growing out from the Deva cut.  Still using the right product for my hair.  They my not all be CG approved but my hair responds nicely and my hair is always consistent with them (Suave coconut conditioner as a daily co-wash, the coconut shampoo as a once a week wash, Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel, I diffuse the front and let the rest dry naturally during the warm months, full diffuse during the winter).  Good Luck!!
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probably 2b . if you're still confused then i would recommend you to watch this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meeKSPL9n4s      I hope this helped !