Unsure of my hair type?

Hi all! So after a lot of research, I'm still unsure as to what type my hair is. It used to be a lot tighter of a curl when I was younger, but as I've gotten older, it's loosened in weird ways. It's wavy in spots, curly in others, and straight in tiny sections under my hair. I wondered if other mixed people had this issue, but I can't find any reliable sources. I thought maybe 2c/3a, but my hairstylist says maybe 3b. She doesn't see many curly ladies, though, so I'm tentative. I'm including a pic so y'all can see for yourselves. This is my hair after my Big Chop! thanks in advance for the input!

1 Answer

I'm one of five siblings of mixed heritage (or should I say "hair-I-tage"). Every single one of us has different texture, density, and porosity, and differences on each head of hair. I'm not so keen on hair typing for that very reason--no one has just one hair type on their head, and sometimes that shows up in a more obvious way on mixed race hair. Just looking at your photo, I'm thinking you're correct in thinking you have type 2-3 hair. Two of my sisters have hair that looks similar to yours, another sister and I have very different from each other type 4 range hair. And, as you mentioned, hair changes as you age (just wait--the adventure has just begun!).  And the kind of products used can affect the texture and curl.  Your hair is beautiful, by the way and you are lucky to have a stylist that can give you a good cut. I'm a firm believer that it can make all the difference. You're young, so have fun, notice what products and styles help your hair behave in a way that pleases you, and enjoy the journey.  You're also in the right place for lots of info on this site. It's been super helpful to me