What hair type am I?

My hair is thick. I have two different types of hair in my head. The majority of my hair is prone to dryness, has a spongy texture, and has very tiny curls about the size of a sewing needle.Covering the entire top of my head, though, are large, pencil-sized, S-shaped curls that are not as prone to dryness, feel soft, and do not shrink up as much as the rest of my hair does.I don't know if I have 4b hair with 4a on the top, or 4a hair with 3c on the top, or some other combination. I just know that the hair on the top of my head is a different texture from the rest. I'd also like to add that all of my hair curls easily. Braid-outs give me soft, bouncy, curly hair, with defined curls. But all you have to do is put some product on a strand of my hair and twirl it around your finger and it will curl.

2 Answers

I'm not so good with being able to differentiate the type 4 curls, but it sounds to me like you have a combination of 3c and 4a hair. Hope that helps!
Thanks for answering! After a lot of researching I found out that my hair is mainly 4b, but 3c in the roots.