What hair type am I? best products for me?

Hi, so i'm not sure what hair type i am.. I thought maybe a 2C? The picture is with product in my hair. With no product it's more just a soft wave. I am looking for new products to give me more of a curl look. I need something with a pretty good hold as well, but of course not too much. & something to keep it moisturized would be awesome.Any advice or help is appreciated! 

2 Answers

Your hair looks like a mix of 2b and 2c. Probably more of a 2b naturally, with the potential to curl to a 2c with the right products, which is why you look like a mix in that picture. My favorite gel is the devacare arc angel by devacurl. A lot of wavies prefer mousses to prevent weighing down though. If you want to experiment with a lot of products to find your perfect one, start with the LA looks gels because they are really cheap for a lot of product and there are a lot of them with different amounts of hold. Good Luck!!!
I agree with the above suggestion of both a 2B and 2C  - a few products that might work for you would be the new EverCurl by L'Oreal or AG beach balm or miracle oil. i use mainly cream gels with a mix of oils to make my curls bouncier. Good Luck!