what is my hair type? 2b or 2c?

now i am confused too if my hair is 2B or 2C its written that they have underlying straight hair and i too have underlying straight hair but my waves are loose like 2B but i do have a little twist in my waves like 2C :S i am soooo confused! can it be a mixture of 2B and 2C?

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this is such a common topic -- you can cross over hair types and you can also be multiple textures which makes defining one hard. i always say i am both a 2C as well as a 3A so it is tough. 

embrace the cross over:

what are your go to products? mine tend to be a great cream gel, mousse and a leave-in conditioner


It can definitely be a mixture of more than one hair type! Everyone's unique... the hair types are just a guide to get you started. You'll have to experiment with products and routines that work best for you, regardless of what "box" your hair fits in. 

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