What is my hair type?

Just need some opinions. I took the quiz, but not sure if I am a 2c.(Sorry about all the pics! I had a glitch and don't know how to delete the rest! )

4 Answers

You look like a 3A to me. At least going by these pix. You're lovely, btw!
now i am confused too if my hair is 2B or 2C...in 2C its written that they have underlying straight hair and i too have underlying straight hair but my waves are loose like 2B but i do have a little twist in my waves like 2C :S i am soooo confused! can it be a mixture of 2B and 2C?
Yes, Wavista, you can have a mixture of different hair types on your head. It's pretty common, actually. 
I think your a 3a :)