What is my hair type?

I have no idea what it is. It could be a mixture of a few types. It has some wavy parts and some super duper curly parts. I want it to be curly throughout, and I have tried different methods. I tried the CG method, but that has left my hair greasy. And when I use shampoo, my hair is frizzy. Have a halo of frizz no matter what I do. I have really thick hair, but it is made up of  lots of thinner strands leaving my hair poofy. I really just don't know what to do to it anymore. By the way, I live in Brazil, so I'm not sure which products work for me here, and it is super humid everyday. So if you have tips for frizz, and how to make it curlier, do tell!!! Sorry, about the photo, not the best quality.

2 Answers

It looks like you have wavy hair. Wavy hair doesn't require as strict of a regimen as the curly girl method, so you can play around with different products to see what works for you. I have wavy hair, I recommend using a sulfate free shampoo, any conditioner, and a cream gel for styling. If it's really humid there in Brazil, try applying a leave in conditioner before you style your hair. Don't wash your hair every day, that definitely leads to frizz, and don't brush it! Brush in the shower. You should take the hair type quiz to see exactly what your pattern is. I know frizz can be frustrating and there's so much information around it that I can't sum it all up right here! But start with this article...it's loaded with tips. 
It looks like it's 3a, but you might want to take our hair quiz to be sure: http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/?mid=89#quizYou have gorgeous curls! You might want to play around with cocktailing a leave-in conditioner with a styling product. That can really help eliminate frizz.