Ok so for the first time EVER i washed and styled my own hair. While i was washing it i was surprised at how beautiful my hair was in its natural state which made me decide to go natural this summer. So I want to know what my hairtype is so i can buy hair products accordingly. I used to think i was a 3c but i'm not so sure anymore. Am i a 3c or 4a ? Or am i both? Here are some pictures of my hair wet with no product in it.

2 Answers

Hey Ang,Are you transitioning? Do you often straighten your hair? That could explain the 2 textures. If you have a photo of your hair when it is dry, that might help me to better answer your question. From what I can see you might be a 4a... but many women have multiple textures. I say, take the hair quiz: http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/?#quiz
It's very possible that you have both type 3c and 4a hair, that's common! You might find that your curl pattern varies on different sections of your head (for example, your crown may be different to your nape). I'd recommend the hairtype quiz too.