whats my hair type....got some growth finally

i know my porosity, density somewhat, im trying to figure out my type any help anyone

1 Answer

Your hair is way too short right now to be able to assess your curl pattern. So much can change from present to 7 months from now with your curl pattern. I know youre really excited right now lol as most of us are about the curl pattern part but it really is only the tip of the iceberg of information you will need to learn how to take care of your hair properly. Porosity, density, strand width, and texture will be bigger factors in maintaining healthy hair, not to say the Andre Walker System ("2a-4c") isnt helpful - because it can be. While you wait on figuring out your gorgeous curl pattern :), you can click here to get familiar with the most  important things youre gonna need to know in one read.I hope this helps love and hopefully we can help when it grows out :) xo