What's my hair type?! Help!!!

I'm transitioning (growing out a relaxer) and I have about 4-5 inches of my natural texture which has grown in (yay!!) But I'm having a bit of a problem. I can easily fit my index finger in and out of my curls. Do I have 3B hair? My index finger is obviously bigger than a pencil or straw (3C) but I know each hair type isn't a set in stone rule.

1 Answer

HM well decided from transitioning hair can be hard because the relaxed straight ends would be pulling down on natural curls making them appear to be something they are not , try cutting off a few of the relaxed ends if you have already done that for some and you still have curls that are bigger than a pencil or straw then I would say a 3c. my best guess would be through trial and error or simply YOUTUBE IT ^^ enjoy your journey!! XD