Will a perm damage my hair? I have type 2A hair and I want to perm my hair to get to 3a-3b.

I have damaged hair: bleached before, lots of dies, lots of heat etc... I have stopped the heat and dying for a while now and have been using Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and their hold mist.

2 Answers

Perms can be damaging if you do them over and over again. Some people claim that their texture completely changes when they do perms...so be careful. If you want tight curls, try using curl enhancing mousse and scrunch scrunch scrunch! That's the key to creating ringlets in your hair without heat. There's other ways too...you can try small CurlFormers, or a thin curling wand. Both will give you tight curls that you want without the effects of a perm. 
Almost certainly. Especially since your hair is so damaged already. Can you just learn to love it the way it is, without the perm? Or try the CurlFormers as Susonnah suggested.