Will my hair go back to curly?

My hair is part curly part strait when its washed, and if I don't use heat it just looks terrible. I really want my hair to return to the curliness it use to be when I was younger. Are there any products to use while its wet to make it more curly but not as frizzy and out of control once its dry?

4 Answers

u could have permanently burned it out. I did that so thats my reason for my big chop…. 
It could be just natural hair pattern change. That can happen over the years. It can happen because of hormonal changes... puberty, pregnancy, menopause. Hair pattern can also change because of different medicines you are taking or because of certain health issues, but I'm sure that's not the deal here.  
Have you gotten a chemical relaxer before? Do you straighten your hair often? It could be one of these 2 reasons. Try lessening your flat iron usage & try using a texturizer whenever you co-wash your hair. Deep condition you hair with a curly DC once a week, and stay away from silicones & sulfates in your products!Here are some deep conditioners that are great with bringing your natural curl pattern back to life, if used regularly: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/search/?query=deep+condition&x=0&y=0&records=20&categories%255B%255D=&attribute_names%255B%255D=Ingredient+Attribute&attribute_values%255B%255D=&manufacturers%255B%255D=&min_price=&max_price=And I really like the TIGI Texturizer: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/tigi-bed-head-mega-whip-whipped-marshmallow-hair-texturizer/ 
You could try natural styles to give curl definition along with a leave in, so after you hair is washed and still wet, apply a leave in conditioner then maybe you could try bendy rollers ? Bantu knots, braiding it or twist outs. Best results will be to leave them in overnight and when you wake up and take it out you'll have beautiful well defined curls. You can youtube all these to see how to do them.For the leave in conditioner, some popular ones for curl definition are shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, mixed chicks leave in conditioner, kincky curly custard ( this is more of a light gel).  Hope this helps :)