Why won't my hair curl up?

I really want to know my curl pattern so badly :o but my hair just will not curl. All it does is stay in a poof, so I can't tell how big or small my curls are. I put 4b on here.... I don't remember the reason I did xD. I'm guessing I'm somewhere in the 4's because aren't 4 curls hard to curl? I tried using Eco styled gel after washing my hair but it's still just a poof. How do I curl it?

2 Answers

Do you cowash? If you do when  you condition your hair you should squish your hair up to the roots while holding your head down, use a leave in conditioner then using your hands squish all the water out then add gel still holding your head down squish up to the roots. If you need to remove excess water only use a 100% cotton t-shirt squishing your hair to the roots to remove excess, try that and see if it works. Good l
I would definitely try following Maribel.Rodr's tips, but you should also keep in mind that just might be you hair type and/or texture.Looking at the account picture you have, I would guess that your hair may be a cottony 4b or a 4c. 4c hair is usually defined as not have a natural "curl pattern" that it follows. A cottony 4b may have strands/ coils that follow a Z pattern, but that don't define easily, maybe at all, because of it's texture. Cottony hair just naturally tends to look fluffy and seems harder to get very defined vs some other textures.