nothing works on my hair, why?

My hair is pretty thick and short. Not below my shoulders but past my neck. I think i have 2 hair types in my hair. But every product i use does not work on my hair. Every product i use makes my hair sticky and stiff. This summer i was not going to use heat at all to see where my hair goes, but i also cannot walk around with crazy untamed hair. I also have no idea what to do with it morning or night. 

2 Answers

You may have product buildup. If that's the case you need to clarify your hair which is usually should be done about once a month. What's your hair porosity?
Use light products like foams and or light oils. Also, it's probably not the products that don't work, but the way you use them. Don't be heavy handed and sections aren't necessary with your hair type and length. Don't concentrate products too much on one area either. Warming them in your hands before using will help you distribute them evenly