what is wrong with my hair?

How come when I wet my hair, the water doesn't fully penetrate my hair? Is it because my hair is low porosity?

2 Answers

Yep, that's most likely caused by the low porosity, have you done the porosity test just to make sure? I've found that my hair takes forever to become 100% wet in the shower if it has been a long time in between washes or if I haven't moisturized adequately throughout the week. I recommend spritzing your hair every night with water and applying your favorite moisturizer and then seeing if that helps with the water penetrating on washdays. Also, washing more frequently will start a pattern with your hair (even just water washing will help tremendously.) Lastly, I'd do a penetrative pre-shampoo treatment with coconut milk on dry hair, I simply mix some coconut milk with EVOO, leighis butter and a bit of ACV and water then apply it into the hair until it is completely wet with the mixture and allow to sit for around 20-30 minutes. This will moisturize your hair, making it easier for the water to penetrate in the long run. Hope this helps ;)
Hi, just an additional thing to the previous answer : porosity can also be linked to the products you use. My hair used to be low porosity and just like yours would take a lot of time before feeling wet. I was using silicone free products but that still contained polyquaterniums (that act a bit like silicone, coating the hair). When I changed to all natural or diy products that didn't contained it after a bit I noticed that my hair is being wet more easily and was now considered as normal porosity. So if you use products with silicone, polyquaterniums, paraffin and other mineral oils then your low porosity is more likely linked to your hair being coated by those products than the very nature of your hair.