My 19 month old has hair type3b he is really young will his hair type change?

I don't know if a baby's hair type changes as they get older or does it Stay the same all throughout life? Should I start figuring out his hair care regimen now or do I wait?

1 Answer

I love questions about kids hair care! I recommend you wait a little while longer. It is possible his hair texture and curl pattern may change a little bit more. Based on the growing phase of the hair growth cycle, you may continue to see changes in your son's hair until he is about 3 years old. The growing phase lasts 3-5 years. I do recommend that you discontinue the use of any baby shampoos and start to incorporate products that will benefit his hair based on the texture and curl pattern you see now. Baby shampoos are formulated to remove excess oil from infants scalp because of the over production of sebum that happens at such a young age (this leads to the infamous cradle cap). His glands should have regulated by now, so you don't want to use anything that will dry his hair out unnecessarily.