My 9 y/o hair is curly when wet but then gets very frizzy as it dries.

My daughter is mixed (hispanic and white) and her hair is super curly when its wet and then frizzes out as it dries. I don't know what to do as it dries to keep it curly. Any suggestions? Her hair is a type 3B when wet and probably a 2A when dry.

2 Answers

Moisturize your daughters hair. What kind of products are you using on her now? Shea moisture has a kids line too. Since she is already 9 years old you could also use cantu, it's a natural line and the price is lower than shea moisture. 
Another suggestion is to use a leave in conditioner to help with frizz as well as the detangler or an oil. I use a detangler on my daughter every morning and it really helps. Also, you can use a small amount of leave in conditinoer and oil together (small amount - less than a dime) at the start of each day. Use what you think is best, I do love the Kids line by Sheamoisture but explore other options - the Just for Me Hair Milk detangler and conditioner have worked great. Keep exploring and at this point - her hair may just need some extra moisture to elongate the curls.