Best place to wash kids hair?

Ok so parents, where do you wash your kids hair? Bathtub, sink, or shower? I've been doing the tub thing for years and every once in a while we wash it at the sink but there are pros and cons for each place. Now that my older daughter's hair is thicker and longer I don't think the tub should be our main washing place anymore. I just can't get her hair wet enough to bring out those defined curls. She's 7 so she can't be trusted to wash it herself correctly in the shower yet. What's your favorite place and what are some pros and cons?

2 Answers

in the sink
Have you tried using a sand bucket or something similar for when they are in the tub? Filling a bucket with water and using that to rinse her hair out might help. If you decide to wash her hair in the sink then try using a ShampooMate to keep her comfortable.