Busy Wife & Mom of 3 little curly hair babes! We need help with products and regimen!

We are a busy on the go family so we dont have time for a drawn out hair regimen. Any tips on how we can take care of our hair, but not spend too much time on it? Also, would the Deva Curl products be okay to use on all of our hair? Which oils are best for our hair? We live in a humid climate and our hair frizzes up when we are out. Any tips on a product that will help with that? We also swim/go to the beach often. Any idea how we can protect our hair and still enjoy our summer activities? Thanks!! 

2 Answers

oils are best to apply to dry hair so it can absorb the nutrients. oil and water don't mix so don't apply them as a styling product to wet hair because they will build up and cause dryness and breakage. you can also apply coconut oil to dry hair before you go swimming to protect your hair. avoid products that are heavy and cause buildup. hydrate don't lubricate. obviously stay away from silicones and sulfates. curly hair does take more time to care for. styling your hair in braids before swimming and working out will help as well. my blog has great tips. ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com
Deva curl is good. I don't know your hair types. For me it's not great, my hair hates coconut derivatives and die. Kinds of proteins.  An inexpensive co-wash is to use Vo5 conditioner as a shampoo. This is the lightest one. If you need more moisture try Suave Naturals and even more- Tresemme Naturals. You'll still need a heavier better conditioner for the ends esp if it's long. So many to choose from- GVp Conditioning Balm at Sally, big and economical. Shea moisture products are great especially if you can find the larger sizes. Just saw DermOrganics Masque in a huge size at TJ Maxx for $15! For less frizz after the shower, I'd try Curl Solutuons Curl Keeper. 33oz size is $23 on Amazon right now. Also Kinky Curly Knot Today is good but smaller and more expensive. All of these are curly girl friendly (no sulfates, silicones, etc).  Hope that helps.