how to care for my 2 year old daughter's naturally curly hair?

My daughter is almost 2 and she has naturally curly hair. She gets a bath every night as part of our bedtime routine but I don't always use soap or shampoo unless it is necessary (she is almost 2 and likes to play in the dirt, so I use shampoo maybe 2x a week), but when she wakes up her cute little ringlets are a frizzy, tangled mess. Is it ok to get it wet, to the point of almost dripping (only way she will let me do anything with it as it seems to my the tangles out better)? Should I be conditioning it every time I wet it? I have straight hair so have no idea how to care for it.

1 Answer

So cute , I recommend shea butter shampoo and conditioner for children , its soft and its gentle and made spical for children . Yes you should condition it .