cutting my daughters curls

my daughter has gorgeous corkscrew curls and her hair is down her back, when it was shorter the curls were much tighter and I'm considering cutting it shorter but I don't want to lose her curls. I know if she's go I g to lose them she will but I don't want to cut it short if so. I had curls as a child abd it's now wavy but mine had gone by the time I was her age so I'm not sure if it'll go the same way. I have attached a photo of her hair now. 

2 Answers

Hair does change over time, just as you experienced it can become less curly or curlier with age and as your hormones change. Unfortunately it's impossible to predict how your daughter's hair will change over time, but for the most part when you cut curly hair short it becomes curlier. This is because long hair weighs down the curls and when you remove that weight (with a haircut) most people experience more volume. I hope that helps!
If you enjoy your daughters hair curly go for it. For children shorter hair is simply easier to care for also. She seems to be a decent age where she would possibly like to put her opinion in if it matters. Maybe she likes it curliest too, or maybe not so much. Try taking her to a professional if you are afraid her hair will go into curl shock because of an at home trimming and bring that issue up! The salon is the hair doctor, if you don't tell them there's a problem, then assume it's just a check up, or in your case an annual trim.