My daughter has 2b/c hair and no matter WHAT ,she wakes up with a giant knot in the back of her hair

She has a satin pillowcase and this happens if she sleeps with it wet or dry!  I invested in a devachan cut for her and the products they suggested arent making a difference with this particular issue (not that I expected them too!)  Any suggestions!  Also want to try and find some new styling products/second day products because he hair drinks the stuff and I can't get the styling products in larger quantities! TIA

2 Answers

I recommend you to braid her hair at night. When I was little I used to love to have my hair nicely braided in different styles and what I loved the most was waking up and removing the braids it made my hair look so nice, curly and not just puffy. You can also put the hair in a loose bun. And you can always do what my mother did, cut her hair short in a nice bob only if she wants that.In my opinion the braids are the best option specially for a second day look and she can wear it all day long even for two days then wear it down. The only upside down to this is the time and ability that it requieres. Good luck! Hope you find a good solution to the problem.
One thing I like to do is "plop" my hair at night! Right after my shower I'll do this to my hair and wake up with beautiful, bouncy, tangle free curls. I linked a video explaining how to "Plop" your hair! Hope I could help:)