My daughter is natural and I need help on how to grow her hair, and it's very thin and short.

My daughter been natural since birth and her hair been the same length for so long.. I recently put a just for me Texturzier in her hair.... Her curls are trying come back, so I need help on growing her thin hair and Products I can use. It's hard to style her hair and grow it ! So, did I destroyed  her natural hair? I don't plan on putting a Texturizer  in her hair again... Just getting frustrated with her hair ! She's a beautiful girl :)

2 Answers

First how old is she? Second, what is her night time routine? Are you moisturizing and sealing her hair at night and then protecting it with silk/satin?Next, what is her regimen? How often do you wash/cowash? How often do you DC/protein treatment? Has she had a trim lately?Answering these questions can help the community figure out the best way to proceed!! 
Hi, She's nine years old. It's been awhile since I deep condition her hair. The last time I had her hair trim was the end of May2014. I'm sure it's time again ! I wash her hair once a week, mainly on Sundays. Can you explain to me what is co-washing? At night she don't have a routine .. She basely goes to sleep without anything on her hair... Didn't know I needed to put something on her hair ! I feel so bad :( because I'm good on combing hair, just not natural hair.. I am having problems on her weight gain a little but other than that she healthy. Please help me on growing her hair and keeping it healthy .  This is her hair now . Thanks so much !