What is my daughter's curl type?

It's kinda straight on the top but curly at the bottom. She is 2, and has never had a haircut. I've been told I shouldn't cut it or she might lose her curls, is that true? And finally, what should I be using in her hair to help tame it? It's very fine and gets really frizzy. Thanks!

2 Answers

I think she looks like either a 2B, 2C or even 3A but it is hard to tell since it is not long enough yet to tell if there is a consistent loose curl pattern or not. However her hair does look like it is either medium or highly dense for her age and look medium in thickness so I think it is either 2B or even 2C. 
Hi MitnMay, Your daughter's hair is adorable. She definitely looks like a 2c to me, however, with children it is hard to tell because their hair type will change the older they get. Curls often go away and then come back at puberty. At least they did when I was little. I wouldn't put too many products on her hair. It's so fine and delicate that you want to use gentle shampoos and conditioners. A 2-1 for kids is what I would do. And a light detangler would be perfect for combing out those knots. Check out our Kids Products page on Curlmart. That should help you find something. I would recommend Fuzzy Duck for her fine curls. Good luck!